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Sean rakidzich is a serial Entreprenuer with multiple seven figure businesses startups under his belt. here on airbnb automated he teaches you FOR FREE how to start run and grow an airbnb business. Sean’s channel here on youtube has more content than the leading airbnb courses on the market, at no cost to learn. He’s the largest earning airbnb host/mentor in the business making more than 2 million dollars per year. He’s a fast growing airbnb business owner, having started with only $4000 he has grown this business to millions without outside investment.

This video explains that cleaning your own airbnb makes you a better airbnb manager. This will teach you the ins and outs of operating an airbnb much fast than any alternative. Make time for it, even if you’re full time employed. continue to inspect what you expect. Next you need to not oversell your airbnb listing. this is important because managing a guest’s expectations before arrival will keep you from getting a less than 5 star review. Low reviews lead to a downward spiral of low ranking, lack of occupancy, lowering prices, then bad guests. Which leads to hard to clean homes and more bad reviews. Next is to learn from your guests, host with open ears. They will tell you what they didn’t like. They will share how they feel and though they may not be nice about it, look for areas to improve. Failure is the best teacher. Lastly, have compassion for your guests. Approach Airbnb as an opportunity to provide good and real value instead of as a money making opportunity. The money is here, don’t worry. If you disregard guests needs for the sake of profit that profit Will be short lived.

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