Airbnb Hosting: Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website with Lodgify (EP 259)

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Show Notes:

It has never been more important to have your own vacation rental website, for several reasons such as:

-Regulations around the world are restricting the ability to host on Airbnb
-Airbnb is getting stricter on hosts, pausing and even de-activating more and more accounts
-Competition from other hosts increases the importance of standing out
-As fees have been increasing, it´s more lucrative to accept direct bookings
-Branding and focusing on return customers is a way to improve your bottom line

You don’t really want your business to rely on Airbnb, or any other vacation rental platform for that matter. It´s better to be independent, so that the success of your business is within your control.

Lodgify offers an easy way to achieve this. Hosts can easily build their own website using the Lodgify software. They can accept payments directly and manage all their Airbnb listings in one place. In addition the website is easily sharable and allows for branding and collection of email addresses.

In today’s episode, I chat with Dennis Klett, co-founder of Lodgify. We go over the reasons why Airbnb hosts should have their own website and how Lodgify can help with that.

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