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The most prominent feature of the Search Page is the map on the left, which shows you how many properties there are available for sale in each of the neighborhoods of your selected city. You can easily turn this map into a heatmap by selecting one of the rental comps which include:

– Listing Price
– Airbnb Cash on Cash Return
– Traditional Cash on Cash Return
– Airbnb Rental Income
– Traditional Rental Income
– Airbnb Occupancy Rate

The simple color scheme of the heatmap allows you to select and focus on the neighborhoods that match your search criteria the most (just remember that “red” means “low”, and “green” means “high”).

Most real estate investors, for obvious reasons, would be interested in “red” property price and “green” cash on cash return, rental income, and occupancy rate. This is where you will pay the least and make big money.

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