Feel like screaming into the void a bit.

I live on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, BC. If any of you have been living under a rock lately, BC had extreme amounts of rain and flooding on Monday and entire roads/highways/railways are washed out. There is one highway (yes, one) that connects Victoria – the capital city of the province – to the rest of the Island. The highway is a mountain pass and got majorly fucked up on Monday, to the point where it’s fully closed from 6pm-6am and there’s only alternating traffic being let through on the hour. Basically, a 1.5 hour drive is taking 9+ hours right now. BC Transport has stated that only essential travelers should be driving this highway – aka, gas tanker trucks and food trucks because Victoria is already experiencing a shortage and we get ALL of our supplies from up island.

Of course, we had a weekend trip up island in Tofino that we had booked months ago…and we’re supposed to leave tomorrow. We’ve escalated to AirBnb as much as we can and they’re basically telling us to get fucked. Their policy does show that you can get refunded due to a natural disaster, and this was absolutely a natural disaster (fueled by climate change, but I digress). Now they’re backpedaling and saying because our province “hasn’t declared a state of emergency”, we’re out of luck. So now not only can we not go on this little 3 day getaway, that we’ve been so excited to do because we’ve been stuck in this godforsaken city since March of 2020, but we’re out almost $500 out of pocket.

I’m seriously considering taking this to a news outlet as AirBnB is NOT taking the safety of their clients into consideration. That highway could wash out at any time as they’re still doing stability tests, and the only other way around is a very sketchy, very active logging road with hairpin turns. Sorry, but I drive a Hyundai Elantra. I’m not taking it through the old growth backwoods wilderness of BC.

Moral of the story: Fuck AirBnB. Take your business somewhere else. They don’t give a flying fuck about you or your safety.

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