In short, the host said the AC broke so he canceled (at my request) my reservation for a full refund. He said I can book a few weeks later, but will need to call AirBnB to get the dates unlocked. He has positive reviews, but I am wondering if this is some kind of scam setup.

I booked a place with a move-in in approximately a week and a move-out in mid-July. The host contacted me, said the A/C went out and that it would not be fixed until “may 29th” (I’d guess he meant June 29th, but that comes off as slightly scammy), so the place wouldn’t be available until July 1st. I requested him to cancel the reservation, which he promptly did, and I should be getting a full refund according to AirBnB. He then offered a 20% discount if I were to book with him again on July 1st. However, according to AirBnB, his place is not actually available starting July 1st (it was unavailable until the day of my reservation’s move-out in mid-July), but he said he’d have to call AirBnB to get it opened back up.

If a host cancels, does AirBnB lock the dates of the canceled reservation? Does this seem like a scam? I don’t really understand what he could stand to gain here since I’ll be getting a full refund but idk. Is this guy gonna cancel again and I won’t get a refund a second time or something?

The host has 17 reviews, all of which are positive except a few minor complaints, joined in 2019, and is “Identity Verified”. The exact address is not available on AirBnB, but the house number was visible in one of the photos so I creeped around on Google Maps and confirmed the house does indeed exist in the area shown on AirBnB. It seems to be a reasonably priced (relatively speaking, way more expensive than my college apartment but cheaper than an extended stay hotel) property in a safe part of the city (suburbs north of Detroit). I am now desperate for housing. Everything else seems to be either booked, way more expensive, or way sketchier with no reviews, 0% response rate hosts, and/ or in less safe parts of the city. I have never used AirBnB before and am pretty nervous as I already had a few people on Craigslist try to scam me.

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