We arrived and everything seemed okay. Sure, it smelled really strongly of air freshener. But I figured, they just wanted to make it smell good. Didn’t think much of that.

We are three people staying for four nights and found four clean towels for washcloths and one hand towel. Total. No extras in closets. Figured that’s okay, we can use the same towels over. Plus there’s a washer, it’ll be fine.

The bathroom door… It’s a pocket door. Those are neat. I have a few in my own house. This one is on a bathroom though, but that’s okay except… It doesn’t lock. The locking mechanism has obvious issues such as not lining up and being dented. Okay that’s fine, no one is going to walk in on you… Except… It’s a pocket door and the house is old and slanted and the dang thing slides open while you’re taking a pee or shower with your 1 towel. We come up with a solution by shoving one of our few washclothes under the door, jamming it in place. Ta fucking da.

One of us is chilly, another is warm. I think that’s okay, I’ll just get an extra blanket for the chilly person. Nope. No extras. Closets are empty. That’s fine, I have a blanket in the car. Nbd.

Went to get a few groceries. Found this place has a very bare kitchen. No spices. No salt or pepper even. I’ve never had an Airbnb with such little accommodation, especially in a city. But again, I brush it off. Maybe they don’t know simple spices are a thing that’s usually just there.

The warm person says they have a lumpy bed and their room is warm. I suggest we switch rooms, the room I picked was okay. So we switched. Yes, this bed feels sunken on one side, like a 400lb person laid on the right side only for 8 years. I dunno, the frame is fine, there’s just a sink hole. Whatever, I shrug it off, I brought extra pillows, I’ll make it work.

The warm person found old gum stuck to the blinds.

And now my warm room with the lumpy bed smells like sewage in the closet. I can’t shrug that off.

My friend who does lots of airbnbing says to contact Airbnb right away and not to contact the owner. I’ve got two nights left.

This is my first bad air bnb experience.

What’s your opinion?

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