So we are on the second night of a two night stay. Overall, it is a nice place. We have the entire downstairs of a townhome. The 2 bedroom downstairs separate loft area was cleaned and freshened up before our check in. However, there are spider webs in the light fixture in the kitchen, there are areas (mostly in the master bedroom) where it is obvious that something was spilled on the walls and not wiped up, the ice and water dispenser area and tray in the refrigerator is filled with disgusting gunk, and the many built in bookcases were full of dust.

Some of the amenities were, exaggerated, to say the least. “Welcome basket of snacks and goodies” was 2 lunch box size bags of chips and 2 single packs of cookies (containing 2 oreos each). No waters, no tea, no nothing. The “fully stocked coffee station” was a tiny 4 cup coffee maker with only loose coffee in a jar, loose sugar in a jar (COVID, people!!), and single use creamers. There were also only 2 coffee filters in the box. (I had specifically asked about the coffee situation because coffee is VERY important to us and there are no coffee shop options nearby). The kitchen has pepper but no salt. In fact, no spices whatsoever in their “fully stocked kitchen”.

The toilet paper holder is broken so that it hangs downward and not level and the toilet paper won’t stay on the holder. There is a bulb out in the bathroom light.

And lastly, and most frustrating, is the complete lack of any welcome manual. No recommendations on things to do, the WiFi info was in a frame stuck on the mantle, and no instructions on how to operate the FireStick (which is the only way to get any kind of TV. They aren’t hooked into any cable, satellite, or local channels at all, and with bad weather forecast for part of our stay, this was kind of important to us and not indicated in the listing.). I don’t own a FireStick so it took us a while to figure out how to get it to work since the TV kept giving us an error message of incompatible USB.

There are other issues that are a nuisance, but not worth mentioning here. My main things are the lack of detail cleanliness and what I think was a bit of a misrepresentation in the listing. At $240+ per night, I would expect it to be on par with my other AirBnB experiences.

No, there is nothing going on specifically in the town where we are, no parades or festivals or anything that might suggest a reason for overlooking these things. And the owners live in the second floor so it’s not like they’re absent owners. (And they are home because we hear them. Not bad noise, we can just hear some activity).

So, my question is, is this something I should put in my review? Is this something I should mention to the owners? Am I just being a Karen? I love AirBnB and have generally enjoyed our stay. But I feel that dirty and broken things should be taken care of.

Wanted to run this by this sub so I can best know how to handle. Our stay hasn’t been bad but I wouldn’t stay here again nor would I recommend this property. BUT, that’s not to say that someone else wouldn’t LOVE every minute. I’ve never had an unsatisfactory experience so I don’t know how to handle this.


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