Couldn’t resist the pun.

So this is part of a bigger saga that I may posting at some point, but relevant to this post is that I had a long-term guest (staying 4 months) who had her lease in the city come up. My understanding is that she had a job that she was finishing up in December, so she wanted to sublet until then. Her plans are to leave the city in December.

She had a fair bit of furniture and boxes. This is not our first rodeo with those things. I let her know which pieces of furniture in the bedroom could be moved out and which pieces of her furniture we could store in our storage room. Our guest room has very ample storage (beds are high so there’s lot of storage under them; only the AC unit is stored there in the winter, huge closet and the closed has a large hutch above it with a large amount of storage space) and I told her to make herself at home.

She ended up not feeling comfortable in our neighborhood and left quickly (she was here about 2 weeks before moving out) and when moving out, she left 3 large screws in the wall. Now, I did tell her to make herself at home, which I tell all our guests. I did not at any point say “sure, feel free to screw shit into the wall” and while our house rules do not explicitly say “don’t screw shit into the walls”, to me that falls into the “if you’re any kind of respectful human, you know that’s not an acceptable thing to do” category.

I’m tempted to give her a 1 or 2 star review, based on that alone (there were other issues that makes the review I’m going to give her a 3 at best). IMO, doing actual damage that will require repair is fully unacceptable. If she had artwork that she wanted to put on the walls and has ASKED us, we’d have looked at where she wanted to put it up and put up actual picture hanging hardware, probably by taking down some of our art on the walls (which she did) and putting the hardware in a place where once our art went back up, the (much tinier and easier to patch up) holes would be hidden by our art until we got around to fully patching them.

Other details that may or may not be relevant: She’s just turned 21 and is actually staying in the city to finish schooling (my friend overheard her talking about this on the phone). I have no idea if she has a job or not and she looked/talked significantly older than 20 (I assumed she was mid/late-20s). Had I known she was a student, I would have probably still rented to her (we have a student renting with us right now), though I think I would have been more explicit in what is and isn’t acceptable. I honestly don’t know though and I wonder now if she lied (saying she was wrapping up a job instead of finishing up school) because other hosts hadn’t wanted to host a student.

Either way, I’m waffling back & forth over whether or not I should have explicitly stated that she should not screw things into the walls and so this is my screw up or if it’s hers for assuming that would be OK and doing with without asking.

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