This happened yesterday. A group of guests checking in early and started sending me messages about this whole place being “filthy and gross”.

The thing was we were just there hours earlier to make sure everything was OK and the house was clean, and it was. Apparently the first thing the new guests checked was something on top of our refrigerator and complained it was dirty (what kind of normal person do that?). They also complained the wall was dirty but it was in fact slightly different aging of paints applied at different times (to cover some scratches from normal use). The windows weren’t super clean due to recent rains but they were far from “so dirty and can’t see outside”. They checked every corner and finally after moving something they got a picture with some visible dusts. They also complained our propane tanks for outside grill were empty (we never even mentioned anything about providing free propane) and accusing us for showing our outside grill photos.

This all happened within 1 hour of their check-in (way early than our regular check-in time). With all those ridiculous accusations I started to contact airbnb to cancel their reservation for a full refund. The guests started to get rude at this point but we were able to get them out eventually.

At this point, we entered the house and checked everything they complained, naturally most of them are lies and even the propane tank was nearly full. The only valid complaints were the stuff we put on the top of refrigerator, it was indeed dirty (but who in their right mind lives on top of a refrigerator?). We took pictures and sent every thing to airbnb and even they agreed those guests have problems and marked their profile for this.

This reminds me of an incident last year. The first thing the guests did after checked in was to complain some non-issue (like we don’t have things we mentioned we don’t provide), lived their whole reservation and after weeks of checking out, requested a full refund (in the end we have to give a partial refund because airbnb is trying to “protect” guests). Apparently there are a small portion of guests who learned this “trick” and are abusing it to get free nights.

This kind of behavior should not be encouraged. There always will be some dusty corners in every place and if the first thing a guest did after check-in was to find those corners and tried to blackmail you. I feel like a full cancellation is the best thing to do at this time, because otherwise, they will request for full refund later with all their ridiculous “evidence” and airbnb would likely to believe or partially believe them. You will get extra bills for cleaning and utilities and chances of bad reviews. A full cancellation st the moment of their complaint can at least give you some chance of getting booked by a normal guest and show them their trick doesn’t work on you.

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