Hi r/Airbnb,

Really would appreciate your help with this. I’ve been in contact with Airbnb to discuss this issue. I would like to get your opinion. Please let me know if pictures via imgur is allowed. Thanks!


  • Booked entire home in south bay area, CA for 4 nights.
  • Checked in, noticed issues, and decided we were not going to stay. We called Airbnb and contacted the host right away. We left the property 30min after check-in. We did not spend a single night at the property.

Safety issues noted:

  • Exposed wiring along the bottom side of a window. Wiring is joined with “twist-on” connectors.
  • Exposed wiring with loose ends hanging from the roof on the exterior of the unit.
  • Wall outlets not flushed with wall.
  • Wall-mounted heater not securely mounted and wobbles easily when touched.
  • Water damage noticed along baseboard in bedroom.

I have pictures for all these items but not sure if rules allow attachment via imgur.

Actions so far:

  • Took pictures of these items immediately.
  • Contacted host and Airbnb 30min after check-in time. Left unit after contacting them and found a hotel.
  • Talked to various Ambassadors on their support line. Have been working with a Senior Ambassador.
  • Latest communication with Senior Ambassador. He said we shouldn’t have just left the unit without consulting them and be sure to have the right information and documentations ready.
  • I have asked for escalation to a supervisor but feel like I’m forever stuck in this loop of phone calls.

We left the property because we felt the property was unsafe and have pictures to prove these issues above.

Do I have any recourse in this situation? We are asking for a refund. I have been an Airbnb guest for 6 years and have booked just over 10 trips. I have never had a bad review and always make sure to leave the property clean upon checkout.

Thank you,

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