We stayed in an Airbnb that was a private unit but was attached to the hosts home (shared walls, vents, plumbing).

In the listing they had a strong clause regarding smoking in unit and said that there would be a $2,000 charge if you smoked in unit.

I just received the hosts review of us as guests and they publicly reviewed us as “great guests” but sent a private feedback message saying that we had smoked and it went through their vents and it was like we were blowing smoke in their face. They said they didn’t understand why people smoke indoors when it’s nice out and wouldn’t mention it in our public review but hoped we wouldn’t do it again.

We did not smoke tobacco, marijuana, vape, anything while in unit or on the property. We are not smokers. Late the second night we both showered back to back without turning the shower off and took excessively long showers due to muscle soreness. The small bathroom got pretty steamy so when I was finished I opened the door to let the steam out. A smart smoke detector placed right outside the bathroom door dinged and said smoke was detected and an alarm would sound. I realized it was the steam and waved the steam away with my towel. It never sounded the alarm as the steam quickly was dispersed.

I haven’t received the $2k charge and as I mentioned the public review was short and positive. I just don’t know if I should reply to the host and try to defend myself simply for the fact that there may be something smelling like smoke (shower steam?) When it gets through the vents to their place and that might help them fix it or just feel better that not everyone is smoking in their unit. I have a feeling that the high dollar amount rule is because they perceive a lot of in-unit smoking happening when really something else is smelling like smoke to them.

Does the host have any way to charge us at this point? I don’t want to be charged for something I didn’t do and I’d like to let them know our side of the story but I also don’t want to cause issues if they decided not to charge after we (in their mind) broke their rule.

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