Just found out that the Airbnb my family booked in a ski town, ski in ski out, early this year (around May), has been cancelled. My family of 6, all across the country, combined has bought $4k in flights and the booking was $3.5k. The host just cancelled claiming that it was an Airbnb mistake, that the price was wrong, and has now immediately re-listed the location. Airbnb is refunding the $3.5k but they won’t pay the difference for anything comparable. Enough room to accommodate my family 30 minute drive away from the mountain is now at $6k at cheapest for the dates. Comparable properties are at $10k+ and the host has now re-listed for our exact dates at $15k. So it will cost my family at least the $4k in flights to cancel, or an additional $3k to stay at a completely different town. I’m not sure we can come up with the extra $3k even if we wanted to, let alone a comparable place.

Airbnb support says they can’t do anything except refund. They also deleted all messages between me and the seller about why this happened and refuse to say why the cancellations happened. I asked why the listing is back up for the dates at a way higher price and they said it was allowed for this cancellation, nothing more. They are constantly deleting messages as well, I don’t know what to make of it. I have gotten a screen shot of most so they can’t pretend we never discussed this.

They keep saying that sorry, they can only refund.

Do I have any course of action here?

I had no idea you could get scammed so bad by Airbnb. It would be one thing if the listing weren’t back up but it is, so it seems to me like the host was allowed to cancel for a higher rate. Or Airbnb made a big mistake and won’t do anything about it beyond “here’s the money back sorry for the massive loss”.

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