Okay so let me just explain the entire situation because there’s a lot here. so I recently went on a trip to ATL this past week and i booked this apartment space that honestly i am now regretting. before I got to the space I messaged the guy and said is there any way i’ll be able to get in, he messaged back and said that there’s a code so from my knowledge I am expecting it to be self check in via a code. Instead when i got there he had me wait over an hour so he can hand me the key which he didn’t even hand it to me he put it on top of the door where i was staying. I then had to pay for parking which he never specified in the listing or to me directly until i started asking questions on where I would park. so after i paid for parking i noticed there was a sign that said “no airbnbs at all allowed”. i decided to shrug it off because I was only staying for one night. the airbnb itself was filthy with what it seemed like cum stains (yes cum stains) all over the furniture, towels, and certain bedding, pee all over the toilet seat, and the floors and walls were dirty. again i ignored these because it was a one night rental that i was just using to go to this concert then head back home the very next day. the next morning while im packing up my stuff to leave i come out and there’s a boot put on my car and i had to pay 75 dollars to remove it. I found out that it was because of where i parked but the host did not say parking was only for a specific part of the parking lot. at first i was gonna let it slide but I am a broke college student who can’t afford extra fees especially when it was due to a host who has poor communication skills and obviously shouldn’t be on the platform since based off some of their reviews other people have had issues with him before. and i know its easier to say “well the reviews were bad its your fault” but i didn’t think it would be that bad nor would I be down nearly 100 extra dollars due to the ticket and me paying for parking that turned out to be useless in the first place on top of the 100+ dollars i paid for the rental

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