Complicated story so here goes!

My family booked an Airbnb in Jan 2020 for a 5 night stay in NYC, Dec 2020. With the borders closed because of, y’know, the whole Covid thing, we weren’t able to make it out there in Dec 2020. As soon as that became clear, my mum was in contact with the host to ask about postponing the trip until Dec 2021. He confirmed it multiple times with us in the chat, confirmed our new dates, etc. We asked if there was anything we needed to do (like cancel the original booking) and he said no, it’s all good, all confirmed, see you in 2021.

Since we postponed the booking (which was around April 2020) my mum has been in constant communication with the host, confirming everything over and over just to make sure. At some point, he stopped responding to some pretty important questions. Until finally yesterday, he said the dates we had booked were unavailable. Whaaaaat?! Someone else is apparently booked into the dates now. He keeps offering new dates to stay and saying nothing else. It’s just wild that it took him until 3 weeks before we go to tell us it’s been booked already… And surely the nearly 2 years in advance booking would take priority over whatever the new booking is?

My family are in an utter panic right now as we’re due out there in 3 weeks and finding accommodation in NYC for Christmas is chaos. We’ve even asked the host to double-check it wasn’t us who have been booked in for that trip. But he ignored that, and just again suggested new dates.

We’ve contacted Airbnb but it looks like it’s gonna be a lengthy investigation and we need the refunded money to book our new accommodation as soon as possible. Just to make it clear, we didn’t stay in this accommodation, we didn’t cancel the original booking as he confirmed he’d move the dates, and we haven’t had any money back from him/he’s been paid.

I’m just throwing it onto this sub to find out what we can expect really. We’re a bit worried that we, as the guests, are somehow at fault and we won’t get the money refunded to us – in hindsight, I imagine we should’ve cancelled the booking? Is there anything we can do besides just let Airbnb sort it out? Any secret hidden support buzzwords that will help fast-track the process?

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