Tldr: I am a guest who left 1 day early during a 4
night stay due to a power outage. Host did not provide supplies or instruction for outage scenario. Am I entitled to a partial refund?

I understand that a power outage due to severe weather is no one’s fault and I’m in no way blaming the host for a natural event. But I’m wondering if a partial refund would be fair in this scenario. I booked a 4 night stay but due to a severe storm, the power went out at around 3pm on my final day. The problem is that the host never disclosed that the entire home is run on electric. The home was also not stocked with any power outage supplies: no flashlights, generator, batteries. The biggest issue was that the home is located in a remote area with zero cell service. The house had a landline phone but it is cordless and did not work without electricity (it did not have a battery back up). So I had no way to contact the host to report the outage. I ended up driving closer to town during the storm to make the call. The host was apologetic and reported the outage to the power company. It was estimated that the power would return in about 4 hours. I purchased flashlights and candles and the host offered to credit me for these costs.

But ultimately I decided to leave because I wasn’t sure if the outage would last longer than 4 hours. I was staying with my elderly parents and I didn’t want to risk the chance of an emergency situation. What if my parent fell down the stairs during the outage? I wouldn’t have been able to call 911.

I know that it’s not the host’s fault for the outage and they did the best they could to handle it but I’m wondering if they should’ve been more prepared. I spoke to some locals who told me that outages happen often in the area during storms. If the house manual included some info on the possibility of an outage and provided some instruction on how to handle it, I would’ve felt more comfortable.

I’m curious to know what hosts normally do in this scenario. Would you offer a partial refund? What do you think is fair in terms of refund? Or do you think that I’m not entitled to one at all?

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