How to Educate & Improve your Team’s Performance

Operational efficiency is difficult to measure, but imperative to your business’ success. 

Ben Edwards of Weatherby Consulting offered a virtual session in March as part of Breezeway’s Elevate Operations Summit where he offered advice and key points that owners can consider to improve their business, keep their teams educated, and provide a glimpse into how your team’s effectiveness and productivity impacts your businesses bottom line.

“Once you get to a certain level in this industry, profitability becomes a game of inches,” Edwards said.

Things to Consider:

What is the ratio of your business model: More toward growth or toward quality?

Become an expert in housekeeping. Too many operators today are cutting corners.

Focus on relationships.

Focus on due diligence.

Communicate with your owners about them investing in their properties. Too many operators are doing it on a dime.

Take on the “right” owner clients. Edwards shared: “I was going to work with an owner in South Florida and he didn’t want to buy new outdoor furniture. You need that. If they aren’t willing to do what’s needed, cut them loose.”

Educate your owners on clear processes.

Train your staff on a quarterly basis. Keep trying to get better. “As an industry, I see us getting better at doing this,” Edwards said.

Be a player-coach with your owner. Communicate to them when it’s important that they become more involved in their business’s operations.

Focus on the right things: Don’t always do what you like to do, do what you have to do.

Cater to the little things that will improve guest experience.

Measure performance. If it’s not working, make changes. Don’t let some ‘crazy uncle’ be part of your decision process.

Aspire to regimented measurement: Use a dashboard that can be seen in your office. On it, state your goals, note where you are in the process and document what you are going to do to achieve them.

Chart completion rates for tasks. Figure out who on staff takes longer to finish a job and try to improve on their times. If you can’t, route those tasks to others.

Use geo-management – tracking where you workers are on the property. Keep them focused on their jobs at hand.

Calculate revenue per employee and try to improve on that.

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