so, a friend of mine just became a travel nurse and fits most of the criteria, here (i guess contract amounts are down, so i’m trying to help him on the research): :

To be eligible for a Frontline stay on Airbnb, you should be actively doing COVID-19 support work in the following fields:

– Medical professional (ex: doctor, physician, nurse, emergency medical technician/EMT, nurse’s aide, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, radiologist, x-ray technician)

You should also be working in one of the following facility types while actively responding to COVID-19:

  • Hospitals
  • Temporary hospitals and COVID-19 testing centers
  • Clinics and urgent care centers
  • Skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes

Your Frontline stay also needs to be for one of the following reasons:

  • You prefer to self-isolate (concerns about transmission to family or roommates)
  • You commute to work and are working extended hours and need to be closer to an approved facility
  • You’re an out-of-region worker on a temporary assignment

BUT, as of march 22,:

Note: As of March 22, 2021, it’s no longer possible to apply for a Frontline stay as a COVID-19 responder. Guests must be affiliated with a partner organization of Airbnb or in order to book.

so, he just missed direct application by 2-weeks (his assignment doesn’t start for 3 weeks, so, there’s a bit of time). he was an er nurse for the duration of the pandemic prior to this (but not traveling). has has absolutely nothing on this, and my google-fu is (i guess) has returned, weak.

too long, didn’t read:

does anyone know to find airbnb “covid-19 frontline responder” “partner organization” ‘s for my friend to sign-up and apply with?

(or does anyone know who these partner organizations are?)

if it’s helpful, he’s based out of the american midwest.

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