Girls be careful traveling alone and always trust your gut!! This is my Airbnb host horror story but with some justice at the end 🙂

I was staying in Italy alone for a few days and got an airbnb. When I got there the host (who was probably about 50 years old) kept complimenting me and joking around a lot- which was fine, I know Italians are just kinda flirty sometimes. I’m not fluent but speak Italian pretty well, sometimes it’s hard to tell when a guy is crossing the line but I could tell this man was about to cross it. I lied about having a boyfriend in the city when it started getting uncomfortable, but I don’t think he cared lol. He asked me to get a Spritz with him later, I laughed awkwardly and made up some excuse, and before he left he told me he would be sleeping in the apartment above me that night.

When we leaned together to do the little Italian kiss-on-the-cheek goodbye, he grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips. I was so embarrassed and still get embarrassed telling this story as if it’s my fault. Then he turned to leave and doubles back to say “I liked that, can I have another?” I said NO and he seemed upset?? The look on his face was like a child about to throw a tantrum. He finally left, I sat there thinking “did that really just happen” for about 30 minutes. I texted him asking for the Wi-Fi password and this weirdo replied “Sorry, I don’t have Wi-Fi… but to make up for it I could take you out for a drink?😘” The fact that he was gonna be in the same building as me that night really made me feel sick. I cancelled my reservation, left the keys in the door and got a new Airbnb.

He sent a text saying “sorry for the kiss, I feel like I exaggerated.” When I told him about feeling too uncomfortable to stay, he said “I said you were beautiful, I didn’t say I wanted to sleep with you.” He kept blaming me about “interpreting the situation the wrong way” and tried making it seem like it was all in my head. He then started calling me over and over, so I blocked him.

Airbnb handled this really well, they called me to ask about what happened when they read my reason for cancelling. I told the woman about all the texts he kept sending me (basically confessing to what he did) and she asked me to send a pic of those texts which I HAPPILY sent over. That same night they deleted him from Airbnb and cancelled all of his future reservations.

The next morning he texted me a huge paragraph from a new number begging me to tell Airbnb it was all a mistake, that he’s destroyed over this, that I ruined his job. It’s so satisfying to go and read that message back. He ends it with “I’m begging you, please help me”. This was a couple years ago, I was 20 years old and looked even younger. Now I live in Italy and when I’m in that city I sometimes go back to make sure he’s still gone.

Edit: pics for those who understand Italian 🙂

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