I apologize if this is against the rules or bad form, if so I will delete (or mods can delete if they’d prefer).

I’m a 30 year old male graduate student who just wants a place to unwind for a month and take online classes while I’m between housing situations. I’m looking for an entire place to myself, instead of a room. It would need to be in the continental US, and I would greatly prefer somewhere warm as I’m coming from somewhere quite cold! I would especially love something with an outdoor area (balcony would count too). The only other ask would be an off-street parking space, as I will have my car with me.

I’m extremely low maintenance–I spend almost all of my day either in online classes, studying, or reading. I will be getting tested for COVID regularly and abiding by all state regulations, as well as wearing a mask and sanitizing hands/surfaces regularly to prevent contaminating your home (and if I do get diagnosed I will let you know immediately and cover the costs of additional cleaning/sanitization that might be needed). I don’t plan on engaging in any high risk behavior, and my outings will pretty much only be to the grocery. Other than that, I keep my living spaces extremely clean and am very respectful of your home/belongings. I also don’t smoke or drink, and I would not have any visitors the entire time.

I haven’t traveled much, but I can link you to my Airbnb and VRBO profiles–I have two five star reviews on each, four total. I can also show you my linkedin to verify that I’m…normal, for lack of a better word.

I’ve read the horror stories on this subreddit about those who try to negotiate being entitled, high-maintenance guests, but I’m just a student right now and funds are tight, and my housing situation ended up being in flux unexpectedly. I realize the rate I’m offering is quite low, and I don’t mean to take advantage of anyone–I just thought that there might be someone who ended up with an empty airbnb that they might want to fill for a few weeks, and I did not want to offend hosts on airbnb by messaging them out of the blue to ask for discounts. Thank you for reading!

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