Are you maximizing your vacation rental marketing efforts? These tips will make sure you are current with what’s up in 2018 VR marketing.
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Michael Friedman here today. Today’s lesson, is about some additional marketing tips and strategies that you should be using in your vacation rental business. The business is fast paced, its’s changing quickly. There’s a tremendous amount of disruption in the business, so it’s really critically important that you’re on the cutting edge. So, today I’m going to chat with you about some techniques, some strategies, some specific tips that you should be using in your business in 2018 to make sure your maximizing and capitalizing on all the opportunities in the marketplace.
Tip one, is create more content. What I mean by content is this: all the digital mediums that are out there in the world today. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, writing blogs, doing videos. Video is so big today. Remember that, content is key. Now, let me say this, most of us are going to say “well Michael, I’m not a writer, I don’t know how to produce video” that’s true, that’s possibly a true statement. However, we are going to talk about another strategy which is leveraging your business. There’s plenty of people out there that you can hire at an affordable price to help you write blogs, to help you create content, to help you share idea.
The second tip is Twitter. Now, what do I mean by Twitter. Most journalists, most individuals that are writing in blogging and using their techniques to enhance and promote peoples’ businesses, that are journalists in the vacation rental industry, are on Twitter. At the end of the lesson we’re going to have a document that we will share with you about Twitter best practices, techniques, resources and even more importantly, in our lesson on digital media where we do a deep dive on each platform, we’ll go through the exact steps that you need to take on Twitter, to enhance your business.
Tip three is create video. Now, remember I said earlier that tip 1 was more content? This is a specific tip just on video, and here’s why. Video will help enhance your SEO but more importantly, it shows your guests, shows your owners, that you are in the marketplace and you understand what’s going on. You can use video on your mobile phone, you can get a little camera that you can shoot video anywhere today. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate production studio where you feel like you have to have multiple cameras, and a sound recording studio, no. The consumer today is looking for that person who’s in their market, understanding the market, and then sharing valuable information. So my point is, don’t just show yourself sitting around a campfire drinking a beer, but talk about what’s happening in your market place. Share key statistics as we talked about in another lessons, let the guests, let the property owners know you understand your market and the value that you bring to them as a vacation rental manager.
Tip four for 2018 in this marketing lesson is networking. Networking again has become a very valuable strategy for marketing your business. It does a lot of things besides maybe generate owners for you as vacation rental manager, it allows you to find great vendors, it allows people to know who you are, it allows you to grow as a person as well.
The next tip is email marketing. More than ever, email marketing is crucial to your business. Now a lot of people will say, “whoa hold on Micah, I don’t want to be just blasting out stuff to people and then they’re going to start unsubscribing or saying I’m spamming them.” No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a dedicated game plan that in 2018 you can use to communicate with your guests, because you’ve got their contact information, about new properties, specials you may be running, but it’s also a great way for you to stay in front of your current homeowners and prospective homeowners. New properties, market trends, all of those things that are valuable, please make sure that you’re definitely looking at how do you use your email communication and email marketing in 2018.
The next tip is about understanding where your website visitors are coming from. Predominately guests but also potential owners. In todays’ world of big data important that you understand Google Analytics and that you understand how to use that data.
And the last tip for today’s lesson is outsourcing. Now when you think about outsourcing there’s a lot of pieces of your business that you could outsource but today I just want to cover a few. Outsourcing things like photography, obviously cleaning and maintenance. It could be marketing that you’re outsourcing because you just don’t have time to be doing your letters, and direct mail pieces, and website design, and all of the collateral that goes around with the marketing of your business.

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