We are new to the hosting game and are offering up our main home to guests for the summer (we are staying at a second home a few hours away). We thought it would be a good source of some extra cash to help with mortgages and such, but are not having the best luck so far.

We’ve specified that we do not want any parties, and each guest has agreed not to have parties, and to limit the # of people to the # on the reservation. The very first group, upon arrival, was heard on our doorbell camera saying “there’s a f’n camera here!” as well as directing additional guests to enter through the side gate. Numerous times. (btw the side gate is visible on the same camera!). We went to confront them about it and they assured us that only the six people on the reservation were staying overnights, and they were NOT having a party. I was sitting in my car outside at check-out time, which they were late checking out, and saw at least 3 extra people in and out loading up numerous cars. I peeked in the trash cans to find numerous party-size serving trays, and the trash bin that our family of four usually about half-fills in a full week was completely full for their 3-night stay. Upon closer inspection inside, I found a chair leg had gone through a wall and they attempted to patch it without even mentioning it to us! (They did pay for the damage when confronted).

The second and third guest groups have stuck more to the house rules, but we are constantly finding damage. Anything from wall art that was knocked down and broken, towel racks ripped off the wall, shelves bent and their wall anchors ripped out of the wall as if a child were climbing on them, damage to brand new glass pane doors to the office. Dents in our garage door from bumping it with what looks like a brush guard, and a broken door-shelf in a 10-month-old refrigerator.

My question is, am I being too picky, expecting too much from our guests? Should I be asking for repair/replacement costs on these items?

On the one hand, I get that some wear and tear is to be expected, but on the other hand, this is our home, and one of the broken wall art pieces was part of a set that is no longer available.

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