So my partner made a local booking and paid using a local debit card tied to a local bank. However Airbnb decided to charge us in a foreign currency and we’ve got hit with a 3% conversion fee.

We have since contacted their support to highlight the issue. Initially they said that it was our fault for choosing the wrong currency when adding the card and got us to try adding another card. We tried and told them that there was no option for selecting any currency at all. Our account was set to the right country too.

After much back and forth they finally admitted it was a fault on their end and said they have to transfer our case to a technical/engineering department and will get back to us in 24 hours. It has since been 2 days and we have yet to be contacted.

I have tried calling multiple times but it only led to a variation of the following responses:

  1. Transfer us between departments and put us on hold for multiple times.
  2. Repeating that the issue has been escalated and they will get back to us. (this was what they said previously but they never replied us at all)
  3. Hang up on us multiple times.

It is a frustrated back and forth between the customer support team. We also have a cleaning charge that is due soon and from what we can tell they will also be charging us in foreign currency with no option to change otherwise. We do hope that we are able to correct this before the due date of the upcoming transaction as it would suck to be hit twice for currency conversion when we are making a local booking, using local debit card and bank account.

Really appreciate suggestions on what else can be done on this as it seems support is just abysmal and they do not care whatsoever.

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