Hear me out: A Host accepted my booking and then told me afterwards that I may not be allowed to enter the building.

I’m currently in Brazil, which has been under various levels of restrictions since early March due to the Coronavirus. I have stayed in 3 different Airbnbs in different condominium buildings since the restrictions. All 3 without problem.

I booked a 4th Airbnb last night. Immediately after accepting the booking, the host sends me a message warning me that I may not be able to enter the building due to the Coronavirus restrictions. Again, I’ve already stayed in three buildings without problems during this time, so I know this isn’t due to a regulation coming from the state or the city.

After asking the host for a few more details and realizing that this was more trouble than it was worth, I reached out to Airbnb corporate to have the reservation canceled. The front-line person said they would escalate the issue higher and someone would get back to me. As of the time of this writing, I still haven’t heard back from Airbnb corporate.

The host sent me a message this morning. She confirmed that the potential hold up was coming from the superintendent. She has a meeting with the superintendent at noon today for further clarification. I have low expectations for this. And after hours of exchanging messages and waiting, I can’t help but think of how unnecessary all of this is. I could easily just book with someone else if the Host can’t give me a guarantee I can stay there. Of course, if I cancel things on my end, I lose out on $100s. And all this because the Host wasn’t up front about the situation until AFTER the booking.

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