So about 2 month ago, I booked an Airbnb for 5 days in an apartment in Istanbul. During my stay, I did broke unintentionally a door by knocking it by accident with my knee when falling (is was a very thin and cheap door). Before checking out, I accepted to refund the host for the damages and asked him to send the claim throught Airbnb.

I few days later, I received a bill of 750$ USD thought Airbnb! In the claim, the host uploaded the receipt and it was clearly a fake one. It looks like he printed it from his own home printer. I then went to the store website mentioned in the bill and on the website, I found the exact door at only 70$ USD. I also called the store and they confirmed to me that the cost of it was only the equivalent of 70$ in USD currency (which make total sense as this door was seem to be very cheap and fragile).

When I saw it, I refused the claim and I removed the credit card of my account as I had a bad feeling about that. Then, the case went to a case manager. I sent all the details to the case manager, the link to the product on the website, the phone number to call the store, but even after all of this, the host won his claim!

After that, I received a notification by email that there was a failed payment attemps of 750$ USD on my credit card, but it didn’t pass as I suspended the card. I still sending the proofs to Airbnb many times and even called them, but they only reply 3-5 days later with very vague emails like ‘Thank you for contacting us, we will for sure look throught your case, have a safe day, etc.).

And then… 2 months after the original claim, I received an email from Airbnb saying that I also need to pay 250$ USD for the installation fees! How is it even possible? I thought that it was not possible for a host to make a claim after 14 days?

This situation makes me extremely angry and anxious. I can’t believe that Airbnb accept that the guest been victims of such fraud.

How can it be legal for Airbnb to try to take money from my card without my consent?

What is the worst that can happen if they still insist for me to pay? If I still fighting, would they just finally give up and pay the host with the ‘Host guarantee’?

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