Thanks in advance for your help & insight!

I currently host a guest suite – it’s attached to our home but separated and with a private entrance. Bathroom access is still in the main house (we’re hoping to get a bathroom built in-suite during the off season, eventually). So far, it hasn’t been an issue as we’ve communicated that very clearly to our guests and ask them to acknowledge it prior to booking.

That being said, we had some guests (3) come early today to drop off their luggage and something just feels off? The person who booked the place didn’t appear to be with them during check-in, which I initially brushed off given the booking situation (he said his family was visiting him but he doesn’t have the space in his apt).

Then I looked at his profile again and noticed he didn’t look anything like the rest of his family. The guest who booked the suite is of Hispanic heritage (given his name, photo, and profile details), but the family that showed up was of Asian descent. I gave the booking guest the benefit of the doubt (maybe he’s family by marriage or adoption, not my place to really ask I think), but then I asked one of the people that showed up what they were doing in town and they said “We’re visiting my sister who’s graduating.” Doesn’t really line up with the guy who booked’s story…

The guests were then surprised to hear that we live on-site and that bathroom access is in a shared space. We informed them that the person who booked acknowledged it wouldn’t be a problem, and the conversation ended there. Eventually we had to tell them (nicely) to leave as the arrangement was just for luggage drop-off and that the room wasn’t ready for them yet, to which one of the guests said “Okay we’ll ring your doorbell later so you can let us in,” where I then had to kindly remind her that there is a lockbox with a code given to the person who booked so they can let themselves into their suite anytime after check-in time. She also seemed confused by this (maybe the language barrier), so I told her I’d already sent all the lockbox/check-in details to [Booking Guest’s name] and she can get it from him. She seemed a little confused when I gave her the booking guest’s name, so I’m at least crossing my fingers that he’s communicating these details to them so they don’t run into any issues if we happen to not be at home later this evening.

Given all the confusion, it still looks like they’ll be staying here but now I’m a bit concerned that there might have been a bait and switch of some sort with booking? Has anyone run into this type of issue before?

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