Webinar: Optimizing Your Listings and Pricing on VRBO and Expedia


In the never-ending battle for winning online bookings, OTAs and major hotel brands have become even more innovative in winning their share of vacation rental bookings. OTA websites garner millions of views on their sites each day, and they’re constantly examining exactly how guests shop for homes, where they go, and how they book. So, how can you as a property manager optimize your listings on these OTA websites to make the most of their strategies that are already in place?

Join us for a free webinar for vacation rental professionals next Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 3:00 pm ET/12:oo pm PT, and learn how to best optimize your listings and pricing on Vrbo and Expedia.


November 16, 2021 – 3 pm ET /12 pm PT

Julia Longley, Senior Integrated Partner Success Account Manager at Vrbo, and Jordan Locke, Expedia Group’s Partner Revenue Performance Manager for Vacation Rentals, will present an in-depth approach and discussion for how PMs can optimize their property listings and revenue performance with Vrbo. Throughout the discussion, they will provide a recipe for success to help you and your business execute the latest strategies and maximize performance.

There’s no time to wait. It’s time to optimize your listings and get you the revenue and bookings you deserve! 


About Expedia Group: 

Powered by more than 70+ terabytes of data and 20+ years of tech innovation, Expedia Group is one of the world’s largest travel platforms. With unrivaled knowledge of the industry and advanced tech innovation, they built a two-sided marketplace that allows them to filter through millions of different possibilities, for travelers and partners worldwide. They build connections by leveraging their platform and technology capabilities across an extensive portfolio of businesses and brands to orchestrate the movement of people and the delivery of travel experiences on both a local and global basis. They help travelers and partners find the right pathways  through millions of possibilities to reach the best possible outcome.


About Julia Longley:

Julia Longley is a Senior Integrated Partner Success Account Manager at Vrbo. The partner success team is driven by the mission to provide personalized insights and consulting, to help our partners achieve their goals, and continuously improve our shared marketplace. In this role, Julia works collaboratively with partners to improve their productivity and results from participating in Vrbo’s marketplace by growing net booking value from the partner’s listings. Before joining Vrbo and the Expedia Group, Julia was a Small Business Owner and Senior Sales Representative at several SaaS startups focusing on small business marketing. Julia completed her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at The University of New Hampshire.


About Jordan Locke:

After leaving military service behind, Jordan earned his degree in Economics from Columbia University. He started his short-term rental career as the first Revenue Manager for a vacation rental startup and hasn’t looked back since. As the founder of RevPARTY Consulting he has participated in several expert panels at the Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference (DARM), received numerous industry accolades, and sat on the Revenue Management Education Committee for the Association of Short-Term Rental Home Owners (ASTRHO). Now, he is the Partner Revenue Performance Manager for Vacation Rentals at Expedia Group where he works to increase revenue for Vrbo vacation rental partners.

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