Welcome Books or Local Area Guide Books for your vacation rental (you might refer to your property as a short term rental, holiday rental, or villa rental that you list on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc.):

There are many ways to create them. Here is one of mine, both the printed and digital versions of it and how I made it.

I use Touch Stay (https://touchstay.com) to create my digital welcome book as well as the printed version.

Note: I am their Community Ambassador as well as a huge fan. Use code TM10 for 10% off the first year of your annual subscription, and I will donate $10 to my local non-profit Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for our area foster children.

I hope this inspires you for your welcome book for your guests, however you choose to create it!

**Important links**

– Touch Stay: https://touchstay.com

– NoiseAware: http://share.noiseaware.io/nSm8m (referral link)

– The Bank Haus: https://bookthebankhaus.com

– VR Mastered #vacationrentalbootcamp: https://vrmastered.com

– Me: https://tyannmarcink.com

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