Wouldn’t you like to stay in a hotel quality Airbnb or better yet, a hotel? The Airbnb Plus program is a new selection of homes and hotels with the highest quality ensuring a better guest experience.

Airbnb Plus is a new Airbnb program that accepts hosts with exceptional hotel like qualities. In order to qualify for Airbnb Plus, you will need an average of 4.8+ review ratings, be reliable with zero cancellations over the past year and accept at least 95% of booking requests that come in.

If you meet their requirements, you are able to apply for Airbnb Plus and once accepted the company helps list your property.

What Is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus is a new selection of the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews, attention to detail, and unique experiences. Airbnb Hosts that are accepted receive a plus badge and place their listing into an additional search filter for guests.

How Much Does Airbnb Plus Cost?

Airbnb Plus costs hosts a $149 non-refundable application fee and costs guests an average of $250 per night.

What Does Plus Verified Mean On Airbnb?

Plus verified on Airbnb means every plus home is subjected to a 100+ point inspection. You will be contacted by Airbnb to set up an appointment and this process is to ensure the highest standard.

With the inspection, Airbnb will check for 100+ things that guests told the company they love. From your amenities to art on the wall, it can be anything.

Benefits For Airbnb Hosts?

If you thought your listing would get bookings as a Superhost. Remember you haven’t achieved Airbnb Plus yet. Here are the discussed Airbnb Plus benefits for hosts:

  1. Significant increase in the number of bookings
  2. Guests will trust you more with the verified PLUS badge
  3. Professional photographer
  4. You can charge a higher nightly rate
  5. Higher placement in Airbnb search rankings
  6. New design and layout for your listing
  7. Priority customer support
benefits to hosts and guests

Benefits For Airbnb Guests?

The main Airbnb Plus benefit is consistency for any guest. You are now able to book hotels or hotel quality homes on the Airbnb platform. Here are the discussed Airbnb Plus benefits for guests:

  1. Guest can find properties for specific occasions
  2. Hotels are now on Airbnb
  3. The increased minimum standard for listings
  4. Faster bookings
  5. Premium customer support

While my wife and I were traveling around Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon, we had trouble getting into our last Airbnb. Furthermore, we couldn’t contact the host and had a hard time finding all the common Airbnb phone numbers and emails.

How Does Airbnb Plus Work?

Airbnb Plus works by hosts applying to the Plus program and paying a non-refundable application fee of $149 that covers the cost of your in-home inspection and report.

Does Airbnb Plus Take Away From My Bookings?

After we searched forums and the Airbnb community, we noticed a common pattern. Top listings not in the Plus program won’t be affected. The problem came with any hosts that had bad guest reviews.

The number of bookings and listing views drastically decreased with bad reviews. Airbnb now places them in the bottom half of the searches.

How Do You Get An Airbnb Plus Badge?

In order to get an Airbnb Plus badge, you will need to hold a standard of hospitality. Similar to becoming an Airbnb Superhost the Plus standard includes:

  1. Having an average of 4.8+ review rating.
  2. The host must accept at least 95% of booking requests that come in.
  3. Being reliable with zero cancellations over the past year
  4. Offering a unique stay. This isn’t specified but from what we could find they accept Airbnb listings that stand out.

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Where Is Airbnb Plus Available?

Airbnb Plus is available in Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Milan, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto, Algarve, Athene, Auckland, Bali. Budapest, Chengdu, Denver, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Kreta, Kyoto, Lissabon, Madrid, Mexico City. Miami, New Orleans, Osaka, Paris, Peking, Phoenix, Porto, Praag, Riviera Maya, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Sardinia, Seattle, Sicilie, Split, Tokyo, Washinton DC.

Do I Need To Apply For Airbnb Plus?

Yes and no, you can apply for the Airbnb Plus program which includes a “Request Invite” or you will be invited if the company thinks you are suitable for the Plus program.

What If My Airbnb Plus Application Is Approved?

If your application is approved, Airbnb will send a professional photographer and help list your property. The company will contact you by email or their app.

If Airbnb contacts you, chances are you have been approved unless the application doesn’t match your listing.

When Does My Airbnb Plus Fee Get Charged?

The Airbnb Plus fee is charged when you confirm a home visit with a third-party inspector. This is after Airbnb has approved your application.

Can I Reschedule My Airbnb Plus Inspection?

Airbnb allows you to reschedule your Plus inspection up to three times without penalties. Furthermore, a 24 hour no rescheduling policy is in effect.

Are Airbnb Superhosts Automatically In The Plus Progam?

No, Airbnb Plus has a higher qualification than Superhosts. The company has higher expectations to achieve hotel-quality service. One main reason is most super hosts cancel at least one booking a year which voids Airbnb plus qualification.

what are three airbnb plus requirements

What Are Airbnb Official Plus Requirements

Airbnb has specified three requirements: design, well-equipped, and well-maintained space. Here is what the company mentioned on there Plus home checklist:


  • Unifying each space – Each room has a variety of details that work together to create a cohesive style.
  • Full of character – The details in your home tell a story and inspire the people who stay in it.
  • Making your guests feel at ease – Rooms don’t feel empty or cramped, and everything visible is a design detail or useful to guests.
  • Rooms in your home feel cozy and inviting – The function and layout of each room are carefully considered.
  • Furniture and decor are well-crafted – Your home features pieces that elevate its look and feel.



Offer at least one private bedroom (or studio) for guests. Each bedroom must have:

  1. A mattress that doesn’t sag or squeak
  2. Bedframe, covered box spring, or loft (unless the bed is a futon or tatami mat)
  3. A Top sheet, bottom sheet, bedspread (or duvet with cover, comforter, or quilt) fits the size of the bed
  4. 2 pillows for single beds, 4 pillows for full, queen, or king beds
  5. 1 luggage rack, drawer, or shelf for guest’s items
  6. Space for the guest to hang clothes with at least 4 (non-wire) hangers


Offer at least one full washroom that’s private for guests. All washrooms must have:

  1. Seated, flushable toilet
  2. Dedicated sink
  3. Hot and cold water with strong water pressure
  4. Large mirror (cannot be handheld)
  5. At least 2 rolls of toilet paper
  6. At least 4 hand towels
  7. Hand soap, single bottle or a new bar
  8. Bathtub or shower (if full bathroom)
  9. At least 4 bath towels (if full bathroom)
  10. Shampoo and conditioner, 2 separate bottles (if full bathroom)
  11. Body soap, single bottle or new bar (if full washroom)


You must have a kitchen (if entire home) or kitchenette (if the apartment, studio, or guest house) stocked with:

  1. Large knife for food prep, bread knife, and paring knife
  2. Cutting board
  3. At least 4 utensil sets (set contains a fork, knife, and spoon)
  4. 2 pots and 2 pans of any size
  5. At least 4 plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs
  6. Spatula
  7. Sponge or cleaning brush
  8. Dish soap
  9. Garbage can with a garbage bag
  10. At least one roll of paper towels
  11. Bottle opener and wine opener

Kitchen basics:

  1. Stovetop with at least 2 burners (if full kitchen)
  2. Microwave, stovetop, double burner, single burner, or hot plate (if kitchenette)
  3. Full-size refrigerator (if full kitchen)
  4. Mini refrigerator (if kitchenette)
  5. Dedicated sink
  6. Hot and cold water with strong water pressure

Beverage items:

  1. Bottled or filtered water
  2. Coffee, coffeemaker, and extra filters (required in all areas except Asia)
  3. Tea and tea kettle (required in Asia)
  4. Sugar (required in all areas except Asia)

Equipment basics:

  1. TV or projector with functional cable or streaming
  2. Wifi with download speeds of at least 5 Mbps
  3. Iron and ironing board or steamer
  4. Air conditioning or fan that sufficiently cools the space
  5. Heater or space heater that sufficiently heats the space

Guest check-in:

  1. Digital check-in instructions featuring at least one photo of the check-in process
  2. Printed house manual containing emergency contact info, host contact info, wifi login, and checkout procedures
  3. 24/7 check-in available after the guest’s check-in time via lockbox, keypad, doorperson, smart lock, or nearby host

Privacy and safety:

  1. Entry to listing has a lock
  2. All bedrooms have a solid door with a lock
  3. Windows in bedrooms and washrooms provide privacy such as frosted glass or window coverings
  4. Smoke detector
  5. Carbon monoxide detector


  • Extra clean – Every aspect of the space – from furniture, decor, appliances, and other items, to architectural elements like walls, towels, floors, windows, finishes, fixtures, and trim – is impeccably clean and free of dirt, dust, hair, or stains.
  • Functional – All lighting, appliances, and other electronics are intuitive to use and work as intended. Wires and cables are hidden from sight.
  • Quality and condition – Every item or element, such as furniture, finishes, and fixtures, is well-made, properly installed, and free of scuffs, tears, rust, or damage. Consider the condition of outdoor spaces as well, these areas should have minimal weeds, dead plants, or clutter.

Final Thoughts

Overall Airbnb Plus is a great feature recently introduced. With it being so new the community success is still split. Mostly because to qualify as a host you have to provide the highest hotel-like services. For an Airbnb guest, this means far better service for a price cheaper than a hotel. Enjoy and happy hosting.

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