Even though summer vacations are winding down for Europe and North America, the Summer is rushing full speed ahead to Australia and other countries in the southern hemisphere! Regardless of where you are in the world at the moment, we’ve prepared some juicy updates for you and your short-term rental business.

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Let’s see what our developers and technical support teams have been up to during the month of August.

🚀Top-quality improvements:

  • With our new and improved Airbnb API connection, all listings are now automatically connected to iGMS for your convenience. Feel free to check if your listing is connected in the Airbnb Listing Editor.

  • We are glad to inform you that more additional currencies of different countries are now supported.

  • An API label on your Airbnb listings in the Accounts & Listing section now shows if an Airbnb listing is connected to iGMS via the new upgraded connection.

  • The Calendar button has been optimized to work faster and more efficiently. No more waiting for the whole list of your properties to load. Now it loads in a second!

📌 Our technical support team has some things to share, too! Here’s what they’ve fixed and refined during the month of August:

  • We spotted an issue with the Special Offer feature that could not have been sent through due to a minor internal error. You will be glad to know that we have now put this right and you can continue sending your guests’ discounts & offers.
  • We found and fixed a very rare bug that sometimes affected the invoice page for guests.
  • We noticed on occasion, when pricing and availability was changed for Booking.com listings via DPGO or PriceLabs , calendar updates for Booking.com which have come through from these pricing tools were not updated on the calendar – we have now set this right.
  • Occasionally, external pricing tools were not allowed to manage pricing and calendar availability – we have addressed & resolved this issue.
  • Resolved a problem relating to invoices not opening after a direct booking was manually created – you can now do this.

  • Caught and squashed a very rare bug relating to approving reservation requests via iGMS which caused the reservation to be automatically declined. Now you can accept requests safely.
  • You will be glad to know that the Instant booking settings of your Airbnb listing  are transferred to iGMS when connecting a listing to iGMS. If you do not have an instant book setting on, it will not be enabled automatically. 

  • Noticed that, on occasion the direct booking widget did not display properly if generated by a team member – we have now fixed this.
  • We have resolved an issue when the Direct Booking Widget HTML code would not display properly on GoDaddy powered websites. Now everything is loading as expected!

  • If you are one of our PROtrack users, you might have noticed that in some cases very old threads appear in agents’ queues. The issue has been fixed.
  • We spotted that the direct booking widget was not compatible with some iOS devices – we have set this right.
  • Located and removed a rare visual glitch whereby the direct booking widget was rendered incorrectly on mobile devices when installed into Wix.

  • Resolved a problem relating to the minimum stay restrictions in the direct booking channel. It was processed incorrectly when viewed from a time zone to the West from UTC.

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That’s it for now, but we’ll be back with more updates in September – stay the course! 

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